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Press & Media Policy

Related to the ERA Congress 2024

I. General Rules

Any press representative (journalist, reporter, photographer, film crew member etc.) must adhere to the guidelines outlined in this policy. Everyone who applies for a press pass must accept the ERA Press Policy.

  • Press representatives who receive embargoed material must understand that this is for their individual use and must not distribute the embargoed information to anyone else before the embargo is lifted
  • For any embargo-related questions, please contact the ERA Press Office (press@era-online.org) for clarification before releasing the information
  • If the ERA Press and Media Policy is violated by an individual/party, ERA may seek to take legal action against those concerned. Furthermore, the individual/party concerned will be asked to immediately leave the ERA Congress and will be denied access to the ERA Congresses and all ERA events for the subsequent 5 years
  • The ERA logo and the Congress logo are the property of ERA. They cannot be used without requesting permission beforehand. To request permission, please contact the ERA Press Office (press@era-online.org) and state how you would like to use the ERA logo
  • ERA does not make its press database or registration lists available to third parties due to reasons relating to data privacy protection
  • Everyone who applies for a press pass must acknowledge and accept the ERA Press Policy. Otherwise access to the ERA Congress will be denied


II. Registration

  • ERA will grant press credentials to journalists employed by accredited media organisations for the purpose of editorial coverage. Official industry spokespersons, staff and communications agents are not eligible for press registration
  • Journalists must submit either a valid press/media card OR, at least, a letter of assignment from their editorial office to verifying their attendance at the Congress
  • Company, media outlet business cards or membership cards are not accepted as credentials
  • The decision of the ERA Press Office is final regarding all press registration requests

To register as press for the ERA Congress 2024, please email the Press Office (press@era-online.org) with the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Prefix
  3. Nationality
  4. Country
  5. Name of the media organisation/publication you represent
  6. Contact number

IMPORTANT: You must attach a valid press/media card OR, at least, an appropriate letter of assignment

All journalists attending the Congress and/or the press events are encouraged to send the Press Office a copy of their article within 2 months from the conclusion of the ERA Congress. The copy can be sent to the Press Office via email at press@era-online.org


III. Social Media Guidelines

All journalists are encouraged to read the ERA social media guidelines below.

The use of social media is widely encouraged at the ERA Congress. Through the use of social media, we will promote an engaged online environment that is professional, respectful, and educational for all those interested in the ERA Congress. We encourage people to like, comment and share the ERA social media posts as well as generate and share their own content (live-tweet, slides, posters, and exhibitor information, etc).

All social media users can follow ERA on the social media accounts linked below:

The official hashtag of the ERA Congress 2024 is #ERA24.

General Social Media Rules

  1. All users can like, comment and share the ERA social media content
  2. Comments and replies to ERA tweets and posts, and other users’ comments under ERA tweets and posts, must be done with respect, education and with constructive criticism
  3. It is strictly forbidden to publish offensive, illegal, disrespectful, hateful and otherwise inappropriate comments, tweets and posts
  4. ERA reserves the right to remove comments, tweets or posts it deems, at its sole discretion, to be inappropriate and that do not follow these Social Media rules. If content cannot be removed it will be reported to social media platforms for violating that specific platform’s policies
  5. ERA does not necessarily share the views of the authors of the articles/materials that it posts on its social media platforms
  6. ERA does not offer medical advice on social media. Information in all its publications, including its website and social media, is of a general nature and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of specific individuals. ERA cannot engage in correspondence of any sort about such matters. ERA also cannot recommend or provide information about where, or from whom, to obtain healthcare services. For any medical problem or advice, a doctor or other appropriate healthcare professional should be consulted

Congress Social Media Rules (general social media rules also apply)

  1. We ask that comments and replies to the tweets and posts of @ERAKidney as well as those engaging with the conference are respectful towards the other participants
  2. Pictures and videos shared at the ERA Congress can be generally taken during scientific presentations, for personal use only, and can then be used on social media. This is provided the speaker or presenter has not indicated that they do not wish for their content to be shared as indicated below. The commercial use of pictures and videos taken during the annual ERA Congress is NOT allowed
  3. No content from the ERA Congress that could in any way identify a patient should be presented or shared on social media.


IV. Services

Press registration includes:

  1. Access to all sessions
  2. Access to the exhibition centre
  3. Access to the focussed orals area
  4. Use of the press room (working space is provided in addition to Wi-Fi, press materials and catering)
  5. Interviews arranged with KOLs, subject to availability (please contact the ERA Press Office 10 days prior to the Congress). Media are not permitted to directly contact KOLs, and all media requests must come through the ERA Press Office


V. Industry PR/Press Conferences

  1. To book a room for a press conference, please email: era-industry@interplan.de
  2. Industry may distribute press releases or press kits in the Press Room (media stand available). To arrange this, please email press@era-online.org
  3. The Press Room is not open for industry representatives and cannot be used for any type of meeting
  4. An interview room is available and can be booked in advance, please contact press@era-online.org


VI. Filming/Photography/Recording Policy

  1. Filming/recording is not allowed under any circumstances in the opening session, scientific sessions, or in the exhibition and in the educational area
  2. Photos taken during these sessions are only allowed for personal use and/or personal social media use
  3. Industry partners who are interested in photographing or filming their booth should work with the officially appointed ERA photographer (information regarding fees and contact details are available via the Press Office, please contact press@era-online.org)
  4. Filming/photography in public areas (e.g. in front of the Congress building, in public corridors) is permitted, but we kindly ask that the privacy of the Congress participants is respected


VII. Embargo Policy

  • The abstract book will be published in advance of the Congress
  • Information contained abstracts presented at the ERA Congress are embargoed until the date and time of the presentation
  • Only top line content of the abstract can be published before the Congress, with the aim to announce that the abstract will be presented at the given day/time. No results or data can be published at this stage
  • Information presented in oral presentations may not be released until the date and time of the presentation
  • Information contained in e-posters may be released as soon as these become available


VIII. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All legal relationships between the parties relating to the ERA Press Policy shall be governed solely by English law.


Last update: March 2024

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