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Part 1. ‘New ADPKD guidelines for Japan and Europe: difference in treatment and clinical aspects’

Mahiro Kurashige, Japan: Genetic diagnosis and treatment of ADPKD in Japan
Maria Vanessa Perez-Gomez, Spain: Genetic diagnosis and treatment of ADPKD in Europe

Part 2. Dialysis: ‘Novelties in dialysis practice – clinical and experimental aspects’
Shunsuke Yamada, Japan: CKD-MBD in dialysis
Luciano Pereira, Portugal: Renal osteodystrophy in peritoneal dialysis patients

YNP - Young Nephrologists’ Platform

2nd YPNN (ESPN) – YNP (ERA) Joint e-seminar

Susie Gear, United Kingdom
Rachel Lennon, United Kingdom
Roser Torra, Spain

Rute Baeta Baptista, Portugal
Amaryllis Van Craenenbroeck, Belgium

Orsolya Cseprekál, Hungary
Evgenia Preka, United Kingdom

YNP - Young Nephrologists’ Platform

Part 1. COVID-19 talks
Tobias Huber, Germany: Mechanisms of kidney damage in COVID-19.
Yuka Sugawara, Japan: How Japanese dialysis facilities responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part 2. Transplant talks
Marcia Kho, The Netherlands: Coping with the threat of COVID-19 in transplant recipients: insight from the RECOVAC consortium.
Masahiko Yazawa, Japan: Current trend of kidney transplantation in Japan.

YNP - Young Nephrologists’ Platform