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ERA Representatives nominated by the Council


I. General

  1. The appointment must be done by the ERA Council.
  2. The appointed person should normally be a member of ERA.
  3. The Council must receive an annual report (that must also include an annual accounting of the expenses and, when applicable, a budget) related to the activity of the appointed ERA representative (or by a current ERA member appointed by the Council): following this report the Council will vote with regard to the confirmation, or not, of the nomination. Normally this report will be presented at the Fall/Autumn Council meeting.
  4. Travel and accommodation expenses related to trips done on behalf of ERA will be refunded by ERA. For the rules regarding the reimbursement policy, one must refer to the General Rules for ERA Committees. All expenses will however only be refunded if, within the last 12 previous months, the representative has presented a report regarding his/her activity, as described above, to the Council.
  5. If not already specified in the regulations, the ERA Officer responsible for these representatives is the ERA President.


II. Representatives

  1. EKHA (European Kidney Health Alliance) – R. Vanholder (Belgium) elected in 2019. The second representative is the ERA President.
  2. DOPPS –the Clinical Nephrology Governance Chair.
  3. UEMS – the Chair of the CME Committee.
  4. ESPN/ERA Registry – the Clinical Nephrology Governance Chair.
  5. KHI (Kidney Health Initiative) – the Clinical Nephrology Governance Chair.
  6. BioMedical Alliance (the R&D Manager, is involved in all the groups):
    1. Clinical Trials Taskforce: President;
    2. Regulatory Affairs & Medical Devices Taskforce: no representative;
    3. IVD Working Group: no representative;
    4. Policy Officers Committee: Executive Director;
    5. CME Experts Permanent Committee: Renal Science Chair;
    6. Open Access Transition Working Group: Editorial Office Coordinator.

IMPORTANT. No honorarium is given to any ERA representative since their work is done on a voluntary basis (only reimbursement of their expenses for travelling will be given, provided that they are approved by the Secretary-Treasurer, and, when applicable, by the Council following their annual report to the Council). This is not valid for eventual staff members.


Last update: October 2022