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ERA Senior Members


 I.  General Rules

Senior membership is open to any individual who is a current Full or Associate Member and has been for at least 15 consecutive years and who has by reason of age retired from professional practice.  

Senior membership will be granted upon the request of any individual to the Membership Office that meets the requirements listed above. 

II. Benefits

Senior members: 

  • may attend and speak at any General Assembly;  
  • if they were formerly full members, may vote at any General Assembly; 
  • cannot be elected to the Council; 
  • may be elected to any committee or working group of the Association;  
  • are not required to pay an annual membership fee; and 
  • are entitled to:  
    1. receive information about the activities of the Association;
    2. congress membership at a reduced congress membership fee;
    3. receive on request print copies of the Journal at production cost; and
    4. receive free online access to the Journal.


Last update: September 2021