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YNP Speaker Database


I. Scope

A dynamic database containing information on current ERA YNP members who are highly qualified as young speakers and who will be proposed for international meetings, including the ERA Congresses.


II. Speaker requirements

  • Excellent/Good knowledge of the English language is mandatory for all speakers (a short video-recorded presentation will be requested).

Speakers must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Top publication (top 10% journal in its field) within the last 1-2 years;
  2. Major breakthrough impacting society and prior experience to speak on the topic in international meetings;
  3. Within the best 10-20% of their generation, determined by a high H-Index, a large number of publications, etc.
  4. Impact Factor in the last 3 years;
  5. Hirsch index in the last 3 years;
  6. 3 Independent citations in the last 10 years.


III. Nomination procedure

  1. The YNP Board will make the final decision on candidates to be placed in the YNP speaker database. YNP is also in charge of selecting the YNP speaker(s) for international meetings (such as the ERA annual congress) among the applications present in the speaker database;
  2. Candidates can be nominated by a current YNP Board Member, by YNP National Representatives, by ERA Council Members or by ERA Working Group/Committee Board Member;
  3. Candidates can also apply in response to an open call: the application must be accompanied by a recommendation letter from a senior nephrologist;
  4. Applications must be submitted using the specific form.


IV. Varia

  1. Personal data and willingness to remain in the database will be verified every three years and updated where necessary.
  2. When individuals cease to be YNP members (> 40 years of age), they will be removed from the YNP Speaker database and will be moved into the ERA speaker’s database.


Last update: August 2022