Acronym (i.e. FERA) – Fellow of the European Renal Association

The Distinguished Fellow of the ERA is an important recognition given by the ERA Council.
This title is given to persons who have been very active in the initiatives and life of the Society, as well as in the clinical and research fields regarding nephrology and its related subjects.


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Name Country FERA date
Abramowicz D. Belgium October, 2013
Ackrill P. United Kingdom October, 2013
Aderibigbe A. Nigeria May, 2014
Adu D. Ghana October, 2013
Akiba T. Japan February-March, 2014
Akinsola A. Nigeria May, 2014
Albertazzi A. Italy October, 2013
Alvestrand A. Sweden October, 2011
Anders H.-J. Germany February-March, 2014
Andreucci V.E. Italy October, 2011
Argiles A. France October, 2013
Arici M. Turkey May, 2015
Ashuntantang G. E. Cameroon May, 2014
Barany P. Sweden June, 2011
Barbullushi M. Albania October, 2013
Basci A. Turkey October, 2011
Basile C. Italy May, 2012
Bellizzi V. Italy October, 2021
Bernheim J. Israel June, 2011
Berthoux F. France October, 2011
Blankestijn P. Netherlands June, 2011
Boeger C. Germany February, 2018
Boen S.T. Netherlands October, 2011
Bolignano D. Italy June, 2017
Bommer J. Germany October, 2013
Bover J. Spain February, 2021
Briggs J.D. United Kingdom October, 2011
Brown E. A. United Kingdom February, 2016
Bruchfeld A. Sweden October, 2017
Brunner F. Switzerland October, 2011
Bumblyte I. Lithuania June, 2017
Cagnoli L. Italy October, 2013
Caliskan Y. Turkey October, 2015
Cambi V. Italy October, 2011
Cameron J.S. United Kingdom October, 2011
Canaud B. France February-March, 2014
Cancarini G. Italy October, 2011
Cannata-Andía J. Spain October, 2011
Capasso G. Italy February, 2017
Carmody M. Ireland October, 2011
Carrera F. Portugal October, 2011
Carrero JJ Sweden October, 2015
Chauveau D. France June, 2011
Christensen E. I. Denmark February-March, 2014
Collart F. E. Belgium October, 2015
Combe C. France October, 2015
Coppo R. Italy June, 2011
Correo-Rotter R. Mexico February-March, 2014
Covic A. Romania June, 2011
Coward  R. A. United Kingdom May, 2014
Cozzolino M. Italy October, 2013
D’Amico G. Italy October, 2011
Daha M. R. Netherlands October, 2013
Davenport A. United Kingdom October, 2013
Davison A.M. United Kingdom October, 2011
De Francisco A.L.M. Spain October, 2011
Devuyst O. Switzerland October, 2013
Dimkovic N. Serbia February-March, 2014
Djukanovic L. Serbia October, 2013
Donker A.J.M. Netherlands October, 2011
Dracon M. France October, 2013
Drüeke T.B. France October, 2011
Durlik M. Poland May, 2014
Eckardt K.-U. Germany October, 2011
Emma F. Italy October, 2015
Erek E. Turkey October, 2013
Esnault V. L. M. France May, 2014
Evenepoel P. Belgium October, 2014
Faller B. France May, 2014
Feehally J. United kingdom February-March, 2014
Feldt-Rasmussen B. Denmark February-March, 2014
Ferrari P. Australia October, 2012
Ferrario F. Italy February-March, 2014
Ferraro Pietro Manuel Italy June, 2020
Ferreira  A. Portugal May, 2014
Ferro C. United Kingdom February, 2016
Fliser D. Germany May, 2015
Floege J. Germany June, 2011
Florquin S. Netherlands February-March, 2014
Fouque D. France October, 2012
Fournier A. France October, 2011
Fox J. United Kingdom October, 2011
Frazão J. Portugal October, 2011
Frei U. Germany May, 2014
Friedlander G. France February-March, 2014
Fukagawa M. Japan February-March, 2014
Fung S. Hong Kong October, 2013
Gallieni M.. Italy April, 2022
Gambaro G. Italy June, 2021
Garcia-Garcia  G. Mexico May, 2014
Gansevoort R. Netherlands May, 2015
Geddes C. United Kingdom February, 2015
Gesualdo L. Italy June, 2020
Gherman M. Romania October, 2013
Goffin E. Belgium May, 2014
Goldsmith D. United Kingdom October, 2011
Goumenos D. Greece May, 2014
Graca Silva J. M. Portugal May, 2014
Grünfeld J.P. France October, 2011
Grzegorzewska A. Poland October, 2013
Gurland H. Germany October, 2011
Hadjiconstantinou V.E. Greece May, 2014
Hartmann A. Norway October, 2013
Heemann Uwe Germany May, 2014
Hendry B. United Kingdom October, 2014
Hilbrands  L. Netherlands May, 2014
Hoeltzenbein J. Germany October, 2011
Hörl W.H. Austria October, 2011
Hornum M. Denmark June, 2017
Jacobs C. France October, 2011
Jacquot C. F. France May, 2014
Jadoul M. Belgium October, 2013
Jager K. Netherlands May, 2013
Jankowski J. Germany February, 2017
Jardine Alan United kingdom June, 2020
Jarraya F. Tunisia February, 2016
Jayne D. United kingdom February, 2016
Joerres A. Germany May, 2014
Kanbay M. Turkey February-March, 2014
Keller F. Germany May, 2016
Kerr D.N.S. United Kingdom October, 2011
Kes P. Croatia February, 2018
Kessler M. France October, 2011
Ketteler M. Germany June, 2011
Kielstein J. T. Germany May, 2013
Klinger M. Poland June, 2011
Klinkmann H. Germany October, 2011
Koch K.M. Germany October, 2011
Kock B. Finland October, 2011
Kokot F. Poland October, 2011
Krediet R.T. Netherlands October, 2011
Kretzler M. U.S.A. May, 2014
Kribben A. Germany May, 2015
Kuzminskis V. Lithuania May, 2014
Lameire N. Belgium June, 2011
Laville M. France February-March, 2014
Legendre C. France February-March, 2014
Lewin E. Denmark February-March, 2014
Lhotta K. Austria May, 2016
Li P. Hong Kong October, 2013
Lindholm B. Sweden Februry, 2017
Locatelli F. Italy October, 2011
London G. France June, 2011
Luman M. Estonia February-March, 2014
Luño Fernández J. Spain February, 2018
Macdougall I. United Kingdom October, 2011
Maggiore U. Italy October, 2013
Majernikova M. Slovakia October, 2016
Mallamaci F. Italy March, 2013
Mallick N.B. United Kingdom October, 2011
Malyszko J. Poland March, 2013
Mann J. F. E. Germany May, 2015
Mark P. United Kingdom June, 2019
Martin-Malo A. Spain February-March, 2014
Martinez Castelao A. Spain February, 2017
Massy Z. France October, 2011
Matuszkiewicz-Rowinska J. Poland February, 2018
Mayer G. Austria October, 2013
Mazzaferro S. Italy February, 2015
McGregor  E. United Kingdom May, 2014
Mehls O. Germany October, 2013
Messa P. Italy May, 2022
Meulders Q. France May, 2014
Michielsen P. Belgium October, 2011
Mogensen C. E. Denmark February-March, 2014
Molnar M. Z. Hungary February, 2015
Monnens L. A.H. Netherlands October, 2013
Moorhead J. United Kingdom October, 2011
Morales J.M. Spain October, 2011
Murer H. Switzerland June, 2011
Murphy . M. Ireland May, 2014
Mwongera F. K. Kenya May, 2014
Mysliwiec M. Poland March, 2013
Nagy J. Hungary October, 2011
Nakanishi T. Japan February-March, 2014
Nasr E. Lebanon June, 2017
Neild G. United Kingdom October, 2013
Neumayer H. H. Germany May, 2014
Newstead  C. G. United Kingdom May, 2014
Nistor I. Romania April, 2022
Oberbauer R. Austria February, 2016
Olgaard K. Denmark October, 2011
Olmer M. France October, 2013
Önen K. Turkey October, 2011
Ong A. United Kingdom June, 2021
Ortiz A. Spain October, 2013
Paczek L. Poland February, 2018
Papagianni A. Greece October, 2018
Pedersen E.B. Denmark October, 2011
Pestana M. Portugal February-March, 2014
Petitclerc T. France February-March, 2014
Piccoli G. Italy October, 2011
Piera L. Spain October, 2011
Pirson Y. Belgium October, 2011
Polenakovic M. Republic of  North Macedonia May, 2013
Ponticelli C. Italy June, 2017
Porrini E. Spain February-March, 2014
Rabelink T. Netherlands May, 2014
Ravani P. Italy October, 2012
Remuzzi G. Italy February-March, 2014
Resic H. Bosnia Herzegovina May, 2015
Reusz G. Hungary June, 2019
Ringoir S. Belgium October, 2011
Ritz E. Germany October, 2011
Rodriguez-Iturbe B. Venezuela February-March, 2014
Ronco P. France October, 2011
Rosenberger J. Slovakia October, 2018
Rosenberg M. Estonia October, 2014
Rosenkrantz A. Austria October, 2014
Rosivall L. Hungary February, 2018
Rossignol P. France February, 2016
Rutkowski B. Poland March, 2013
Rychlik  I. Czech Republic June, 2011
Santoro A. Italy October, 2013
Sarafidis P. Greece June, 2021
Schaefer F. Germany October, 2013
Schena F.P. Italy October, 2011
Segelmark M. Sweden October, 2015
Serdengecti K. Turkey October, 2011
Seron Micas D. Spain February, 2020
Sever M.S. Turkey May, 2012
Sezer S. Turkey October, 2012
Shaldon S. Monaco October, 2011
Siamopoulos K Greece June, 2011
Sieberth H. Germany October, 2011
Silver J. Israel May, 2014
Simic Ogrizovic S Serbia October, 2014
Skoberne A. Slovenia April, 2022
Soler Romeo M. Spain October, 2018
Sonkodi S. Hungary October, 2011
Sørensen S. S. Denmark February-March, 2014
Spasovski G. Republic of North Macedonia June, 2011
Stengel B. France October, 2015
Stenvinkel P. Sweden October, 2011
Stevens K. United Kingdom October, 2018
Strutz  F. Germany May, 2014
Suleymanlar G Turkey June, 2011
Swanepoel C. R. South Africa May, 2014
Teplan V. Czech Republic February-March, 2014
Ter Wee P. Netherlands October, 2014
Tesar V. Czech Republic October, 2011
Tielemans C. Belgium February-March, 2014
Topley N. United Kingdom February-March, 2014
Torra Roser Spain June, 2020
Traeger J. France October, 2011
Tsakiris D. Greece October, 2011
Tuglular Serhan Turkey June, 2020
Twahir A. Kenya May, 2014
Utas C. Turkey October, 2011
Van Biesen W. Belgium February, 2016
van Ypersele C. Belgium October, 2011
Vanholder R. Belgium June, 2011
Vervloet  M. Netherlands October, 2013
Vienken J. H. Germany May, 2013
Viklicky O. Czech Republic June, 2017
Wanner C. Germany June, 2011
Watschinger B. Austria October, 2011
Watschinger B. Austria May, 2014
Wheeler D.C. United Kingdom June, 2011
Wiecek A. Poland June, 2011
Wing A.J. United Kingdom October, 2011
Woywodt A. United Kingdom February, 2016
Wuethrich R. P. Switzerland February-March, 2014
Yu R. Hong Kong October, 2013
Zoccali C. Italy June, 2011