We are glad to inform that the ERA Greek Fellowship Programme has been officially restored and a new call for fellows has been launched.

The call closed on Friday 16 September, 2022.

The submitted candidatures are now under evaluation.


The purpose of the Fellowships for young Greek Nephrologists is to support research in the field of Nephrology and, in particular, to favour the growth of young Greek investigators, to improve their skills and to facilitate research and clinical cooperation among renal Greek centres and renal centres part of the ERA geographical area (Europe, countries bordering Europe and the Mediterranean Sea).

This initiative is financed by the Hellenic Society of Nephrology and Stavros Niarchos Foundation with the support of the ERA.


All applications must involve a receiving institution located in the ERA geographical area (not in Greece).

The applicant has the right to choose any Centre located within the ERA geographical area where to do his/her fellowship, however, a parameter for the selection process will concern the feasibility of the proposed fellowship in the chosen Centre.

In order to simplify the contacts between the applicants and the centres, the ERA recommends the use of Expertscape. Expertscape can provide detailed information about the geographical location of experts – their countries, cities, and institutions. With this landscape of experts, fellows can choose which ones to contact to possibly start his/her fellowship.


For the year 2022, the Fellowship Programme for young Greek nephrologists offers two different kind of fellowships:

  • Short-Term Fellowship: 6 months (15,000.00 €)
  • Long-Term Fellowship: 12 months (30,000.00 €)

The payment of this fellowship is entirely managed by the Hellenic Society of Nephrology (thanks to funding from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation) and the ERA cannot be held responsible for any items related to this specific issue.


Applications are only considered from ERA Members residing in Greece whose age will not be over 40 at the time of the application submission.

Significant clinical experience is not required, although candidates with little experience have a lower priority.

On completion of the fellowship, the applicants should return home and thus must have the possibility to return to their Home Institution or an “equivalent institution”. This has to be indicated in writing by the applicant’s Home Institution or by the equivalent institution. This letter must be submitted with the application form.

Selection criteria:

1.  Age of the applicant;
2.  Educational and clinical knowledge status of the applicant;
3.  Need of this knowledge in the home institute;
4.  Feasibility of the proposed fellowship in the chosen centre;
5.  Knowledge transfer and the possibility of implementation of the project from host to home institute;
6.  ERA membership status of supervisors and referees (valid only for nephrologists).


The Call 2022 will be opened on June 20, 2022 and will close on September 16, 2022 (deadline for applications).

In order to submit your Fellowship request please contact the Hellenic Society of Nephrology (Dr Dimitris Petras, HSN President, petrasdim@hotmail.com) and ask for the modules to submit your application specifying if you are interest in Short-Term or Long-Term Fellowship.

Application Form and all requested documents need to be sent in a unique email to fellowships@era-online.org no later than Friday September 16, 2022.


The Fellowship for young Greek Nephrologists Programme follows the same rules as the ERA Fellowship Programme:

ERA Short-Term Fellowship Regulations

ERA Long-Term Fellowship Regulations

The only exceptions are the following:

  • Grants’ amount and payments: Greek Fellowships offers fixed grants (15,000 € for Short-Term and 30,000 € for Long-Term fellowships) and payment are under the responsibility of  the Hellenic Society of Nephrology;
  • Return to Greek Home institution: in both Short-Term and Long-Term fellowship cases, on completion of the fellowship, the applicants should return back to their home institution or to an “equivalent institution” in Greece.

For all questions about Greek Fellowship Programme, please contact the ERA Operative Headquarters at fellowships@era-online.org and the Hellenic Society of Nephrology at petrasdim@hotmail.com (Dr Dimitris Petras, HSN President).