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Sponsors & Exhibitors

Information about sponsors and the exhibition

Sponsors & Exhibitors
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Congress Organisation/PCO

Interplan is the appointed PCO for the 61st ERA Congress and the first point of contact with regard to the exhibition and sponsoring related questions.


Interplan for ERA official PCO

Congress, Meeting & Event Management AG
Landsberger Str. 155
80687, Munich, Germany


Industry Relations Team/Industry Sales & Sponsorship
Sina Ehresmann

Sandra Rudolph

Disclosure: publication of congress and meeting-related payments

The fees for exhibition space, symposia and other promotional items that have been booked for ERA 2024 will be published provided the sponsor has actively requested this in writing via e.g. the tick-box on the order form, E-Mail/letter or contract. Notification to publish this data must be applied for each individual event/congress. We cannot undertake to assess the possible membership of each company in bodies such as FSA/AKG/EFPIA and hence will not publish the mentioned fees automatically.
FSA rulings or rulings to be considered for CME certification that deviate from this procedure take precedence.


Any Italian pharmaceutical company supporting or participating in a congress abroad, is subjected to an authorization by AIFA (Italian Drug Agency), according to an Italian Government Decree (Decreto Legislativo 219/06 – art. 124).

The request of authorization must be submitted within 60 days before the starting date of the event.

For any queries please contact barbara.mantegazza@atlanteviaggi.com


The appointed agency to collect all applications from pharmaceutical companies and file them with the AIFA is:

Atlante Viaggi Italia Srl

Via Bandello, 1

20123, Milan, Italy

Congress marketing

The logo/banner of the 61st ERA Congress may be used by sponsors and exhibitors of the Congress. The prerequisite is that no changes or additions are made to it. The ERA society logo MUST NOT be used on any promotional materials.

Please meet the following criteria:

1) The Congress logo/banner may only be placed on advertising material that is used exclusively for event-related initiatives.

2) In any case, it must be clearly recognizable that your company and not the ERA is the organizer of this activity.

3) The Congress logo/banner may only be used in connection with the sponsor’s logo and not alone. Both logos should be positioned equally.

4) The following sentence must be included on all materials: “The ERA assumes no responsibility for the information published in this document.”

5) The Congress logo should only be displayed with white background.


Please note that materials must be approved by ERA BEFORE publication.

These rules are applicable for all kind of publications including any social media activities/posts.

Please follow the ERA Congress Brand Guidelines.

Embrace sustainability

ERA encouraged sponsors and exhibitors to embrace sustainable initiatives, reduce their carbon footprint, and support environmentally responsible practices.

Let’s work towards a greener and healthier future.