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Food is important for many reasons, it not only gives us the energy and nutrients we need to survive, it is also part of our lives in terms of enjoying time with family and friends while we eat and enjoying eating the food itself.

Many people also enjoy watching cooking programs and perhaps even cooking itself!

As renal patients we have to try to maintain our body’s needs as well as our social ones, whilst navigating our, often complex, dietary restrictions. The way food tastes can also change with renal failure, so it is important to try food that you may have previously not liked.

The truth is, a lot of dietary advice is negative, focusing on what we cannot have. It is also common to receive one size fits all advice. This means we often end up eating bland and uninteresting food because we are not sure what is allowed and this leaves many of us feeling awkward whilst eating away from home.

This project aims to bring some great tasting food back to the renal diet, with the help of everyone in the renal community. Just because we have restrictions this does not mean that we always have to compromise on the variety and quantity of tasty food that we want.

William Withers
Lifelong Renal Patient and on dialysis since 1992