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Sponsors & Exhibitors

ERA organizes the largest annual Nephrology Congress in Europe, welcoming thousands of attendees coming from all over the world, focusing on key learning features both in the clinical field as well as the scientific and latest innovations

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Congress Organisation/PCO

Interplan is the appointed PCO for the 60th ERA Congress and the first point of contact with regard to the exhibition and sponsoring related questions.


Interplan for ERA official PCO

Congress, Meeting & Event Management AG
Landsberger Str. 155
80687, Munich, Germany


Industry Relations Team/Industry Sales & Sponsorship
Sina Ehresmann

Sandra Rudolph

Ethical Med Tech Event – Conference Vetting System

The 60th Congress of the European Renal Association from 15/06/2023 to 18/06/2023 is compliant with the Ethical Med Tech Event – Conference Vetting System with the ID EMT31735.

Facts & Figures

Discover the 2022 Facts & Figures of the 59th ERA Congress which took place on May 19-22, 2022

AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) Congresses and Meeting in Italy

In Italy congresses and meetings on topics related to the use of pharmaceuticals are governed by Article 124 of Legislative Decree 24 April 2006, N 219 (The Decree).

As per Italian law, the AIFA authorization is necessary

  • for each pharmaceutical company (with Marketing Authorization Holder or the companies responsible for the actual marketing of pharmaceutical products) sponsoring the congress on topics in any way related to the use of its own pharmaceutical products.

the AIFA authorization is not necessary

  • when a company promotes by advertising only medical devices or food supplements during a congress (products without Marketing Authorization)
  • when a company sponsors a meeting about topics not related to the use of any of its own medicinal products; in this case the company is not allowed to expose or distribute any kind of advertising material during the meeting (Section 9 art. 124 D.L. n.219/06)

In Italy, any pharmaceutical company that sponsors a congress on topics related to the use of its pharmaceutical products, must submit an application to the competent unit of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) to obtain a specific authorization. If your pharmaceutical company has a marketing authorization (MAH or AIC) in Italy or the companies responsible for the effective marketing of your pharmaceutical products and sponsor the congress on topics related to the use of your pharmaceutical products, you should contact Atlante Viaggi communicating your SIS code, by March 31, 2023: barbara.mantegazza@atlanteviaggi.com


Atlante Viaggi Italia Srl

Via Bandello, 1

20123, Milan, Italy

ATLANTE VIAGGI ITALIA has been delegated by ERA 2023 to collect all applications and submit them to AIFA for authorization.