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ERA organizes the largest annual Nephrology Congress in Europe, welcoming thousands of attendees coming from all over the world, focusing on key learning features both in the clinical field as well as the scientific and latest innovations


Healthy environment for healthy kidneys

The 60th ERA Congress promoted sustainable development and global responsibility in different ways: the aim was to encourage environmentally friendly behaviours and to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy environment for healthy kidneys.

All medical societies and scientific organisations should urgently undertake useful long-lasting actions when it comes to conferences and educational initiatives. The pandemic has shown us that digital innovation can open the door to a more sustainable future for medical conferences: this is a major reason why ERA has decided to organise a hybrid event, in Milan and virtually, to improve the carbon footprint due to the impact of conference travel.

The Forestami project

The Forestami project

This year, the Association will reduce the impact of the event on the host city by promoting a sustainable project launched by local authorities: Forestami.

Forestami is the project promoted by the Metropolitan City of Milan, the Municipality of Milan, the Regional Council of Lombardy, Parco Nord Milano, Parco Agricolo Sud Milano, ERSAF (Regional Agency for Agricultural and Forestry) and Fondazione di Comunità Milano, which involves the planting of 3 million trees by 2030, in order to clean the air, improve living conditions in the wider area of the city of Milan, and counter the effects of climate change. This project is the outcome of the scientific research carried out by the Polytechnic University of Milan thanks to the support of Falck Renewables and FS Sistemi Urbani.


ERA donated € 15,000 to support and promote the project and is committed to involve delegates and exhibitors to actively take part in the initiative.

Our efforts for a sustainable conference

Social responsibility

In addition to ecological initiatives, ERA also supports sustainable development in terms of social responsibility:

  • The ERA Congress supports multidisciplinary encounters and diversity perspectives (e.g. prayer room, nursery).
  • Several price categories are offered to make the Congress accessible even for participants from low-income countries and to enhance the participation of students and young nephrologists.
  • The ERA Congress strongly promotes gender balance.
  • ERA takes measures to ensure health safety (hygiene, thorough cleaning of facilities, medical support team) and people security (walk-through metal detection gates, security staff).

Sustainable development at MiCo, the chosen venue of the ERA Congress

Sustainability has always been an indispensable goal for MiCo. Over the years, the MiCo’s management company has pursued it consistently and effectively using the most suitable means made available by technology and adopting the most appropriate solutions.

Many interventions have been carried out, as well as those that are soon to be introduced, which concern not only energy savings but also a sensitive attention to environmental problems.

In addition, to counteract the botanical impoverishment, the environmental sustainability project of MiCo includes a bee farm to support the biodiversity of the area.

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