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Invited Speakers

ERA organizes the largest annual Nephrology Congress in Europe, welcoming thousands of attendees coming from all over the world, focusing on key learning features both in the clinical field as well as the scientific and latest innovations

Invited Speakers

Refund Policy for Invited Speakers ONLY*

*IMPORTANT, this is not valid for Free Communication accepted abstracts, Focussed Orals, or Moderated Orals. In this case, the presenter must refer to the specific invitation letter.

ERA will refund accommodation and travelling to the invited speakers; regarding the accommodation please see the invitation letter.

The maximum amount of refund for travel is calculated based on the speaker’s country of departure. The travel cost includes also transfers to reach the airport/hotel and return based on public transportation.

For the 2023 Congress, these are the maximum allowed travel refunds:

Speakers from the hosting country:
Travel costs: 200,00 € + 100,00 €** = 300,00  (max.)

Speakers from EU countries:
Travel costs: 250,00 € + 150,00 €** = 400,00  (max.)

Speakers from European non-EU countries:
Travel costs: 300,00 € + 150,00 €** = 450,00  (max.)

Speakers from Asia/Africa:
Travel costs: 650,00 € + 150,00 €** = 800,00  (max.)

Speakers from America/Pacific:
Travel costs: 1.250,00 € + 150,00 €** = 1.400,00  (max.)

**Flat fee reimbursement for travels between home-airport-meeting venue + public transport